Any client using JMC Transcription Services or JMC Office Services will be asked to set up an NDA (with JMC’s assistance) should one be required to ensure that the utmost confidentiality is given on any work undertaken.


Once JMC knows what the work will be, we can give an estimate regarding hours the work will take.  If the hours agreed are likely to exceed the agreed hours, then JMC will notify the client in good time for the client to accept continuation of the work.

Please note that every effort will be made to give an accurate estimate, but we all know that amendments and circumstances can take over sometimes.  Communication is the key.

Invoice Terms:

Issued on the last day of each month.

Payment Terms:

Nett 30 days from date of invoice via BACS preferably.

Package Details:

Should JMC and a client agree a Package i.e. so many hours per month, then the following will happen:

Each month, invoicing will be carried out in advance with an agreed amount of hours for the month, payable immediately.

Should these hours be reached before month end, JMC will liaise with the client – at the same rate per hour agreed – to carry on and fulfil the work with additional hours invoiced separately which will be payable as described in Invoice Terms above.