Private Clients – people who just need the following:

Private correspondence.

Excel files and databases

Corporate Clients

Small businesses needing help with their administration i.e. typing up invoices, estimates, emails, letters etc.

Medium businesses needing the same help as above but with a pre-agreed package tailored to their monthly requirements.

Larger businesses who can outsource some of their admin, typing, digital transcription, especially at a time like now with Covid-19 working from home.

Just a few other client areas

Accountants; Authors; Doctors/Medical; Police Interviews (PACE); Solicitors

Digital Transcription is a must in this day and age of Virtual PA work.  You record either correspondence, or notes, or PowerPoint slides, Excel worksheets etc. etc.  We can take all that ‘hard’ work out of preparing the best looking documents while you concentrate on the content.  We are happy to lay it all out for you.

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