Typing and Admin

We really are a competitive bunch.

We only charge you for the work in hand i.e. by the hour, by the job – all pre-quoted so you know where you are and what you will pay.

We do have a minimum of £20 which would give you an hour’s work before paying anymore.

Digital Transcription

If you are not used to this form of work, each minute of your audio is quoted.  At this very moment, there is mainly only 1:1 interviews over the telephone going on, so for this, 30 minutes of conversation between two people would cost you just £36.  If you are not familiar with this kind of work, it sounds a lot, but I can guarantee it would take us approximately 3-4 times as long as the audio to transcribe a verbatim audio.

If your audio is not straightforward, i.e. more than two people, this can be quoted at the time.  For every different person, normally, there is a 10p per minute add on.

All we ask is that you send over via email a good clear audio for us to work with.

Digital Dictation

This is slightly differently priced, because if you are dictating letters etc. it is not conversation, so takes less time.  We offer this at our hourly rate of £22.  For this, you would get a perfect document i.e. letter, report, from the clear dictation.  This can either be carried out on your own letterhead or we can even set you up a letterhead if you don’t have one already.

Most people can let us have a copy of their letterhead, and we are also happy to type on to a blank sheet of paper for you to print at your end on to your own already printed letterhead


We are happy for you to try us out before committing.  All jobs are paid ‘as you go’ until we really get to know you, and then when we are both happy with each other  we are happy to bill you monthly.

Pre-Paid Plans

We do have clients who maybe want around 10 hours a month or so, so we would do special deals for anything like this and invoice you up front at a reduced rate.