Hi everybody working from home

First and foremost we want to wish you the best through this Coronavirus nightmare and hope that you are working at home, fit and well, and if well and working, don’t despair – it is obvious that you know what you are doing with your job, but maybe not from the comfort of your own home, and we know what we are doing with the help we can offer you.  Sometimes the two don’t go together easily!

Speed is of the essence.  Our skills are second to none.  We work with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can help you out with your correspondence.  We can draft emails to email back to you for you to put into your own email system; we can type up correspondence and email back to you for signature; we can do some data work for you on Excel, or even make a PowerPoint presentation look the ‘bee’s knees’ for when you get back to work.

JMC Transcriptions can help with any dictaphone work – either straight dictation or maybe even a recorded phone conversation that is important to keep – lots of that going on at the moment with no face-to-face meetings!  We can type up the conversation verbatim so you don’t even have to make your own notes.

You can dictate anything from a letter to a report – we have the skills to lay ‘stuff’ out.  If you have your own templates or ways of working, we will conform to that.

JMC Office Services has been operating for over 30 years and this is the first time in the history of JMC whereby we should be able to help almost everybody and not just the few.

References are available from the elite if required.

PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO GIVE US A CALL ON +44 1494 866099 for just a chat as to how we could help you survive working from home whilst getting on with your job in hand.